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What does GeoDNS mean?

GeoDNS, also referred to as Global Traffic Director or simply Traffic Director, is a highly effective method that distributes vast amounts of incoming web traffic across multiple name servers. These servers are strategically positioned in various geographic locations, and they respond to requests based on the requester’s location. With the use of GeoDNS, optimizing the incoming traffic for your domain name becomes a seamless process. This technique is especially advantageous for owners of larger websites. Explore more fascinating details about GeoDNS!

Anycast DNS – Definition

Discover the benefits of Anycast DNS, a highly effective network traffic routing technique. By enabling a particular IP address to be shared across multiple name servers located in different geographical areas, Anycast DNS ensures that DNS queries are answered quickly by the nearest and most available server. This approach reduces latency, resulting in speedy DNS resolution for your domain name. Learn about the differences between Anycast DNS and Unicast DNS!

What is DNS propagation?

DNS propagation is the process of updating DNS records across the entire global network of servers, which can take some time. This delay occurs because nameservers store DNS information in their cache memory for a specific time period, as defined by TTL (Time-to-Live) values. After that time period expires, servers refresh their data. To avoid downtime, it’s best to plan your DNS changes carefully. Discover more information on DNS propagation!